Saturday, June 19, 2010


Let's just call it a day..
a not productive day..

my prayer last nite didnt help..

nite ppl~

tomorrow will be a better day~

my boys~ hehe

in love with my desktop wallpaper and google background^^

you think im too flower heart izit??
yea..i think so too...LOLX~!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

magnificent gift?

my dear cousin brother, Arthur promised to buy me a iphone4!!
well, things turned out kinda funny...
we were talking bout him spent around 2000euro to buy a antique golden dagger....
2000euro!! 2000EURO man!! 2000euro can get 4 iphone4 edi la..!!! tats wat i told him..
iphone 4 izit? i get one for u la.. tats wat he told me...
so, tats how im going to get a iphone 4!!!

woohoo!!! still, im so damn super happy!!!! hahahahahahahaha~!!

p/s : we have a deal tat could not be missed out..
he owe me an iphone 4, i owe him a good xxxx.
omg! cant believe i really agreed with this deal...oh my...

p/s : still, im extremely excited altho i haven even get to touch it yet...
lolx...nite peeps~^^

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"что является чем"
"чем является что"

"является"= serve as
izit the same meaning??
i've been discussing with my cute roomie bout this for quite a while..
she built a sentence to prove this statement...
" I, you serve me!"
i burst into laughter!!
cute LeeKheng~

after a while,
she came out with a conclusion:
" Russian doesn't make sense!"

good luck gals~^^
for our bloody russian exam tmr!!

韓庚 我們都很想你.wmv